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bored out of my mind.... [10 Jul 2005|01:02pm]
[ mood | so damn bored....blah. ]

i'm so bored...
theres nothing to do except sit around the house.
this is the only part i really dont like about hurricanes...
i hate just sittin around. but whatever. i hope everyone is being
safe out there...if anyones bored. just give me a call...:)

well i havent posted in a while so i just thought
i'd tell yall how bored i am...haha
but yall stay safe.

much love yall.

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[14 Mar 2005|09:08pm]
[ mood | flirty ]

Yesterday was cool!!!

Got up and went to the tanning bed. i actually have color to my skin now...haha ;) Then came home and took a shower. and then went over to ericas!!!! :):):) It was mania's birthday so they were having a party for her. me and erica went in her room and talked about ALOT of funny stuff and looked at pics and then went outside and then i left. i was glad i got to go over there....i might go back over there this weekend. if her parents let me.

But anyways. then i came home. and got some money. then went and got something to eat and then went over to kerris. when i got there she wanted some ice cream so we left and went to sonic to get that. then came back to my house and got "shark tale"! haha that movie is so cute. and then went back to her house and watched it. then i came home because she had to go to church.

Then i fell asleep around 7:30. i was so so tired. and then i went to school today. and work tonight. so yestereday was cool. i hope everyone else had fun to...

love yall!

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long time... [04 Mar 2005|11:36pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

Well. i havent written in here in a while.

well nothing really big has happen in my life lately. just the usual. go to the tanning bed, get my nails done(ha), go to the gym, work work and more work. blah. :/ i never have time for anything else but work. its crazy.

but anyway. i got my hair done last weekend. and everyone loved it this week. i'm glad because i didnt know if anyone would like the highlights or not. but i do so i guess it dont matter if anyone else likes it... but yeah. everyone liked it so i was happy... well nothing really to exciting in my life.

been looking for a car. not sure what i want. or what ima get....:( my parents suck sometimes. but whatever. well i'm real tired so ima go. byes!


i l0ve him!

[24 Jan 2005|11:06pm]

man i totally fucked up my journal...if anyone would fix it i would totally l0ve you FOREVER...haha!

i suck at making my journal look cute. blah:/  but yeah if so then just lemme know kk...Thanks! :)

i l0ve him!

[16 Jan 2005|11:45pm]
[ mood | geeky ]

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i l0ve him!

[06 Jan 2005|09:18pm]
[ mood | girls talk so much shit. ]


Name / Username:

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this is what my name means!!!! ;)
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[01 Jan 2005|03:03pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Take the quiz: "Which Laguna Beach Character are You?"

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thats funny because i didnt even really like her that much in the show. haha but whatever.!:)

Take the quiz: "Which Laguna Beach Character are You?"

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Dude Stephens freakin hot!!!!;););) just thought id share that with yall!

i l0ve him!

[25 Dec 2004|10:59am]
[ mood | loved ]

*Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!:)

hope everyones christmas was as great as mine!

i love yall...


i l0ve him!

**gEt SuM cRuNk In YoUr SyStEm!!** heck yeah!!!:) [29 Nov 2004|08:29pm]
[ mood | i'm pooped...blah. ]

So today was an okay day to start the week.
1st blk~ did nothing. like always.
its child care. theres really
nothing to do. besides play wit the kids.
and finish our activites.
2nd blk~ took notes. went over diagrams.
the same ole same. learned bout the
female reproductive system. ha!
then just talked to jana and karley the rest of the block.
*then lunch~ hung out wit jen and amber. like always!:)
3rd blk~ just did map and vocabulary. nothing new.and also talked
to Mel when we were done. like always!!:)
4th blk~ me megan and terran drove for drivers ed.
its always fun in that car.:) us girls are CRAZY!;)
everyone loves to stare at us. haha. and they always
wave so of course we make a point to wave back...haha!:)
that would be the nice thing to do. lol!
This guy was checking megan out today while she was driving. it was funny. ha.
so she waved.haha. then i'm sure he felt kinda stupid. but it was still funny.
so we drive tomorrow and then wednesday's our last day:( kinda sad. i really
like that class. its awesome!:)
**well thats all!**

love yall.

i l0ve him!

[23 Nov 2004|10:40pm]
[ mood | excited ]

So Saturday night.
Tracie stayed the night!:)
It was nice.
we havent done that in a while.
We just watched movies,
and got on the computer...haha!;)
that was fun. huh trac!?

Sunday we had our purse party.
i got a really cute purse
and a wallet too!!:)

Monday(yesterday)went to school. blah:/
Then after school me and jen walked
to her car. Then went over to justin and jeremys.
I drove.haha!:) i'm an AWESOME DRIVER! huh jen!
But yeah. so me jen justin jeremy brandon and marianne hung
out. went down to the dock for a lil while.
then me and jen went to her house. bc i hadnt seen her NEW house yet.
then we came back to my house. then we meet the guys at the Billards.
We played some pool and then decided to leave.
Then i came home and studied and then fell a sleep!!;)

Today- went to school. came home. went to work.
then went and hung out wit amber and her cousin.
her cousins nice. and shes fun to hang out with.
so yeah we just road around and stuff like that.
nothing to big!

not sure what i'm doing tomorrow. either something
with ashley and tracie. or something with jen amber and jess.
i guess we'll just have to see what happens in the morning huh!?:)


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just another day. [19 Nov 2004|10:58pm]
[ mood | drained ]

Well i got checked out at 12 today.
came home. slept for a lil while.
then went to the bank and opened
up an account. then came home.
went back to sleep. Then about 4:30
i got ready for work. Ashley picked
me up and we went up to the resturant.
We werent that busy bc the game was
so far away and usely thats alot of
our business on fridays.
So then I left there around 9:40 or so.
Came home and watched a movie. and now i'm on here.
Pretty boring day. blah:/

Tomorrow Me and Ashley are gonna go get our nails done.
Thats our cousinly bonding activity we do ever 2 weeks...haha!;)
And then tomorrow night after work. I THINK
me, ashley, and tracie are gonna have a girls night.
those are ALWAYS nice!:)And i've REALLY needed one of those lately!
So yeah were gonna do that.

Then sunday were having a purse party at the
resturant. Its gonna be great. I LOVE purses!!haha!:)
But yeah. ima go.


i l0ve him!

*sighs* [17 Nov 2004|09:10pm]
[ mood | sad ]

well my aunts not doing to well.
actually not good at all.
theres nothing else they can do.
their giving up.
they told us about 3 months.;(
its hurting.
*real bad.
i feel really bad for bradley and nicky.
i'm just tryin so hard to help nicky out
with the babies and be there for them both.
this sucks.
but the doctors tried. they tried so hard.
and i love them for that.
but i guess its just her time.
but i do love her to death.:(

*everyone please pray for her. and my family.
i love yall. more than anyone will ever know!

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almost ungrounded. [09 Nov 2004|03:28pm]
[ mood | blah ]

well i finally got on the computer. ha.
I snuck on here!!:)

Well things have been okay.
my birthday was okay.
saturday night was cool. i had fun.
sunday came home. family came over.
then bout 6 went up to applebees for my birthday dinner.

It was me mollie jennifer amber sara nicole shruthi kerri
ashley tracie cory justin jason miller and jason shorkley.
so it was a fun night. for the most part.
then me tracie sara nicole cory jason and jason went to the beach.
then i came home.

well i've been pretty bored lately. nothing exciting.
work. work. and more work.:(

But yeah ima go. i gotta get ready for work. blah:/

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man this sucks. [22 Oct 2004|11:38am]
[ mood | happy ]

i'm grounded from the computer right now.
so i wont be writtin on here for a while.
it sucks. blah:/
but im at school. sittin next to britt and mel right now.:)
so yeah. i'm working this weekend and i think thats bout it.
and i'm goin shopping in moblie on sunday. wit the fam.so at
least i get outta the house for a few
but that still also sucks.
but whatever.
next weekend i'm goin ALL out!!:)
because its my BIRTHDAY!
mollies is on thursday. she'll be 16!!:)
but yeah. well ima go bc i'm bored.
i'll update as soon as i get my computer back! kk
well love yall forever!!


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its been a while! [10 Oct 2004|10:01am]
[ mood | my back hurts again. ]

Well i havent written in here in a LONG time.

so this weekend was okay.
Friday- worked. came home. and went to sleep.
Saturday(yesterday)went to mobile to see my sis.
went shopping. came home. got ready and then went
to work. came home and then stayed at Amandas!
Sunday- got home a lil while ago. because amanda had to
go to work at 12. and now i'm just sittin here
bored and burning a cd. blah:/ what fun!
well sometime today i think shurthi and some
others might come over to study for our algebra2 test tomorrow.
algebra2 sucks big butt. i hate it!!!:(
but anyways. i hope everyone had a good weekend!
ima go. i gotta clean.

<3 caty.

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[19 Sep 2004|06:45pm]
[ mood | sad ]

yay i love halloween!!!;) *hehe*

Your LJ Halloween Party by Karen_Walker
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a NoTe 4 eRicA aNd MoLlie!!!:) [17 Sep 2004|09:39pm]
mollie and erica.
call me when you get this.
because we need to talk bout
tomorrow night.
call asap!!
*i hope yall had a good day!:)

i LOVE yall!

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yay.... [04 Sep 2004|09:34am]
[ mood | happy ]



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fEcKiN rIgHt BiTcHeS!!! ;) [29 Aug 2004|06:06pm]
[ mood | i hate this. ]

Well this weekend was cool.

Friday:After school, me mollie cindy and josh
went to sonic to get some food. Then I came home,
cleaned, took a shower, and got ready for work.
Went 2 work. Then came home and mollie josh
and 1 of josh's friends(cant member his name)
came and got me. We went to josh's and hung out.
When we got there Nicole and Katie were there!!:)Nicole
got hit...it sucks her car looks so bad.:( but anyways.
i love nicole...haha shes so crazy! Then Nicole
and Katie left. And we all just sat around.
Then we went back to mollies and i was so freakin tired.
I feel asleep while she was talkin online to people.

Saturday:We got up. i talked to Erica! we ate breakfast.
took showers. then came back to my house. Then cindy came over
and we all went to the mall. We meet erica james and her friends up there.
Even though we really didnt talk...i'm still glad i just got 2 see her.:)
Then we hung out wit ben before he had to go get ready. Then we watched
the fashion show! Ben looked so cute...i wish i woulda taken pictures!
Then we went shopping and then left around 3 something. josh picked mollie up and i went to work. after work i came home. and mollie and josh came and got me. so we hung out at joshs wit the guys for a lil while. then we came back to my house. ordered pizza. i cryed alot...stupid shit.:/ then we went to bed.

Sunday: Got up. mollie went to church. i just painted some shelves for my room
and helped my parents paint my old room. blah:/ talked to erica! then
cindy came over to help me paint. so we hung out for a while. then she went home at bout 5. then i took a shower. and now i'm just sittin here being bored. well ima go
i got some homework to do...byes!

<3 Caty.

i l0ve him!

*sighs...sighs* [22 Aug 2004|05:20pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

It seems like I'll never be happy.
And the only time I am happy is when I'm
with "certain" people.
I just feel like people get tired of me.
I dunno I'm just talkin crap.

ANYWAYS....This weekend was cool!
Friday I just worked...we got slammed!!:)
Then Saturday I went to my twin cousins
Birthday Party. They turned 2...their so
cute...i LOVE them so much!!
Then I came home and got ready and talked to britt.
Then went over to Mollies. We just hung out and then
went to Josh's!:)Which is always fun...haha! We all just hung
out and watched movies.Micheal came over...aww I hadnt seen him in a while:). Then Brittany and Brittany came over for a few.
Then Me and Mollie had to leave. So we left and just went
back to her house and hung out and talked!;)*wInK wInK* haha!
Today we woke up and ate some breakfast. Then took showers and Josh came
over. Then we went over to his house to just hang out.Sarie came over too!I'm glad
she did cause we havent hung out in a while. So we just ordered pizza and watched a couple of movies...nothing big! Then Me Mollie Sara and Josh left. Sara went home and Mollie and Josh just dropped me off!
So yeah thats bout it. This weekend was cool.
Hopefully me sara and mollie will maybe do something
next weekend too...I'm just hoping!:)

Well i LOVE YALL!!!;)


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